Avorla Gua Sha Facial Toning Device

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It is a non-invasive facial toning device that produces low level electric current discharged through the dual probes that are designed for optimal contact with faces of all shapes and sizes.
  • Avorla Gua Sha Facial Toning Device. Enjoy a 5-Minute Facial Massage with the low level electric current facial toning device with LED skin light therapy and heating function.
  • Three levels of intensity for personalized routine. Low level electric current is the gentle waves down to the facial skin. Re-energizes the skin’s own natural current helping to tone when used as directed.
  • Warming up skin to accelerate blood circulation together with Red and blue LED light therapy for a firmer and brighter looking.
  • Rechargeable, lightweight and travel friendly. Clinically proven to provide instant results and cumulative benefits in the treated areas in 1 week. This portable device empowers you to maintain your skincare routine on-the-go.
  • US local customer service team is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 90 days satisfaction period and free one-year manufacturer warranty.

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