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Aphrona believes that just like energy and matter, beauty cannot be destroyed or created, but is constantly transformed. Using the power of light technology and vibration, Aphrona helps transform your beauty with a variety of unique high-quality products to illuminate your appearance, complexion, and confidence.

Illuminate. Restore. Transform.

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Halo LED Facial Glowing Mask

Halo LED Facial Brightening Mask is your at-home ticket to Hollywood-caliber skin. This clinically-proven device harnesses the power of three different LED lights to deeply cleanse and brighten your complexion. In just minutes a day, you'll see a visible difference in your skin's clarity, tone, and youthful radiance.

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Halo LED Mask Benefits

  • Narrow-Spectrum LEDs

    Narrow-Spectrum LEDs

    Allows light to surround the whole face for effective and targeted treatment

  • More Effective

    More Effective

    More powerful than other LED masks. Visible skin improvement.

  • 100% UV-Free

    100% UV-Free

    No harmful UV rays.

  • Non-Invasive


    No down time and can use make up immediately after treatment.

  • Chemical Free

    Chemical Free

    No chemicals to irritate skin.  It is safe for use on all skin types.

  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    Silicone-based LED chips are safe, scratch resistance and easy to clean.

At-Home Beauty Devices

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LED Light Therapy

Aphrona Beauty®️ devices offer a wide range of LED light therapies that can improve your skin health. Here are 8 different types of LED light, and the benefits they offer.

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Our Customers Love Our Products

“I ordered one and after the first use, my skin was much smoother and after 2 weeks, my skin was plumping up and it looks just beautiful! ”

Cecelia Doug Irvine, California

“It is simple to use. I used it at night time but the lights stimulate me so I prefer to use it during the daytime”

Amazon Consumer Top 50 Reviewer