LED Skin Therapy Mask

1. Can I Use Aphrona® LED Facial Mask when getting Botox or fillers?
After injections including Botox or fillers, you should wait two weeks before treating the same area with this device. After two weeks, you can treat in the skin area you received the injection or filler. The devices will not break down or melt your fillers.
2. Will it harm my eyes?
There are no clinical studies to support that the devices will harm your eyes, however, keep your eyes closed and wear the protective goggles in treatment. Please do not look at the light directly (Our device comes with eye goggle that protects your eyes).
3. Can I use the device every day?
15 minutes for each treatment with 3-5 treatment a week, reduce to 2-3 treatments a week once the result shown. If you overuse the device, you may experience red or dry skin and could lessen the effectiveness of your treatments
4. Can I use skin care products before Aphrona® LED Light Therapy?
Red LED Light: stimulates new collagen production in deep skin. You can apply the anti-aging serum and the hydrating masque (sheet mask) on the skin before the Red LED Light Therapy. Blue LED Light: destroys acne causing bacteria. You can apply anti-acne products on the skin. Green LED Light: helps alleviate pigmentation. You can apply the hydrating serum/spot corrector on the skin. DO NOT use any heavy or greasy creams or lotions before treatments as these can cause a barrier between the skin and light penetration. However, be sure to moisturize after treatments and use sun block.
5. Can I use the device in another country?
The devices come with an 100V - 240V power supply adequate for the United States and international use.
6. How long until I start to see visible results?
15 minutes for each treatment with 3-5 treatment a week: 95% showed overall improvement in acne and fine lines after 1~2 weeks; 86.3% showed an overall.
7. What to Expect
The Aphrona® LED Mask contains 150 pieces of 99% purity medical-grade LED light emitting diodes in Red, Blue and Green LED lights to smooth wrinkles, reduce pigmentation and clear acne for a youthful complexion.
Low-level LED Therapy has been clinically studied, and FDA-cleared class II medical device. So, the LED Face mask is safe and effective photon therapy to your facial skin.
8.question 8?
The LED therapy is generally very safe and suitable for all skin types. We do however recommend you starting slow with 2-5 minutes per session to test for individual tolerance. Avoid using on open sores and abrasions.

Laser Hair Growth Cap

1.Who can Use the Laser Caps for Hair Regrowth
In general, laser hair therapy is meant for men and women with all lengths of hair that are noticing thinning. This would potentially mean they are in the early stages of hair loss. Low level laser therapy works best for people with androgenetic alopecia and can promote hair growth in males who have Norwood-Hamilton Classifications of IIa-V and in females with Ludwig-Savin Classifications of I-II and for both Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin Phototypes I to IV.
2. How does Aphrona® laser Cap work?
Aphrona® Laser Caps use low-level laser therapy technology which has been clinically studied, and FDA-cleared, to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. Laser hair therapy uses medical-grade lasers and photons from low-level lasers can increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in follicle cells, promoting hair growth and metabolism as well as laser radiation can also invigorate cells by fostering blood flow and nutrient transport. Please keep in mind that you need time to evaluate the treatment. If you are complying with the instructions for use and regularly using your device 6 minutes every day, you should expect to see some results within 6 months.
3. What do I expect by using Aphrona® laser Cap?
0–3 Months: The first thing you may or may not notice is an increase in shedding. If this is the case, don’t worry. Initial hair shedding is actually a sign that the treatment is working – indicating that new anagen hairs are pushing out the older hairs to make way for healthy, new shafts of hair. Some itchiness might be experienced at this point in the process as the arrector pili muscles linked to the follicle contract.
3–6 Months: Next, you will begin to notice a decrease in hair loss. After the first few weeks of using your device according to the instructions, you will notice that hair is not shedding as much as previously. Do not be discouraged if you don’t see significant change. Keep in mind that preventing progression of hair loss is in itself a success.
12 Months: This is the time to evaluate the results of laser therapy. We recommend that you take another set of pictures to compare to those you took at the beginning.
24 Months+: This is when you should see the greatest. most impactful results. Expect to see the most you can get from Aphrona® laser therapy at this point. For as long as you continue to comply with laser therapy, you should maintain a fuller head of hair and cessation of hair loss.
4. How Often should I Use my Aphrona® laser Cap?
Recommended 30 minutes a treatment, 3 treatments per week, on non-consecutive days for 16 weeks. After the initial recommended 16 weeks you can use the device as often as needed to maintain/improve new hair growth.
5. Do I Need to Charge for the first using?
Although the battery does have some charge initially, to optimize battery life and assure sufficient charge for use, we recommend fully charging the battery pack.
6. Can I Use the Laser Cap with Wet or Damp Hair?
We recommend using this Laser Cap with clean and dry hair for optimal results. It is helpful to transmit photons to the scalp.
7. Do I Need to Use Hair Loss Products on My Scalp with Aphrona® Laser Therapy?
It is not required to use additional products with the Aphrona® Laser Cap treatment but the hair growth products are helpful along with the laser light therapy for overall scalp health and you can choose to use them when using the device.
8. Can I Use the Laser Cap in another country?
Yes, it works on 100-240 AC voltage inputs, making it easy to recharge your battery pack around the world.
9. How to Clean the Laser Cap?
If it is necessary to clean the surfaces of your Aphrona® laser cap, please follow these instructions.
Step 1: Disconnect all cables on the Laser Cap before cleaning.
Step 2: Gently wipe the inner surface of the laser device with a soft water-moistened cloth. Do not use excessive pressure or force as this may damage the device.