One LED Face Mask with Three Times the Benefit

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One LED Face Mask with Three Times the Benefit

Beauty tips!

  1. Wash your face and completely dry your skin.
  2. Place a thin layer of serum on entire face.
  3. Place cotton pads over eyes and secure eye protection mask. (The product includes eye protection.)
  4. If you feel the mask is too heavy, try lying down and using the mask without the strap. Doing so can release any pressure felt around the eyes.

After Treatment Tips: 

  1.  Red light therapy helps your skin absorb creams and serums, making post-treatment the right time to apply anti-aging products, moisturizers, and other skin care products.
  2.  If you have breakouts, please use an acne serum after treatment.  Be sure to do 10 minutes of blue light + 10 more minutes red light. The blue light will kill acne-causing bacteria and the red light helps wounds to heal faster. The faster the skin heals, the less chance of acne scars.  
  3.  Apply sunscreen afterwards, even if you do not spend much time outdoors.



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